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Virtual assistants packaged with AI powered software
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Virtual assistants packaged with AI powered software

Taskbase provide human assistants with AI super-powers. We offer the expertise of a full-time assistant at a fraction of the cost. Super powered by AI. Helping hundreds of businesses run like clock-work. Simplifying life, one task at a time. How many hours per week do you spend doing admin work? Free yourself from the shackles of mundane work with Taskbase and watch your business grow. Dedicated assistant - A specialist for your business Free anytime assistant replacement - We’ll replace your assistant if it doesn’t work out. Take the stress out of hiring, and don’t worry about replacing your assistant. White-label email - Give your assistant a professional looking email address, without paying for their email account. Holiday cover - We’ll ensure your work gets done, whether or not your assistant is around. Something a full-time hire can never guarantee. No contracts - Don’t worry about the risks of hiring full time staff. Cancel anytime and you’ll keep the hours remaining until your next billing period. Need more hours? Simply upgrade your plan All of our assistants receive world-class training & support - Your assistant will fit right into your business and free up your time, allowing you to focus on your business, not the mundane.

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    Taskbase was launched by Zac Cannon on March 26th 2024.

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