Helps Creators Build, Grow and Monetize an AI Persona
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Helps Creators Build, Grow and Monetize an AI Persona

SynthLife is a platform designed to facilitate the creation, growth, and monetization of virtual influencers. The tool provides an all-in-one solution for individuals or companies looking to delve into the expanding world of virtual influencers, without needing advanced technical skills. With its integrated features, users can build a unique AI influencer persona, adjusting their facial appearances according to their ideal configurations. To enhance engagement on social media channels, SynthLife offers integrations with various platforms, allowing users to manage their AI influencers' social presence with fewer complexities. The tool is designed to auto-generate content with numerous modifications related to poses, clothing, and background. This feature enables users to create a diverse stream of content effortlessly while maintaining a fortifying influence on the chosen platforms. To further optimize the process of content creation, SynthLife provides auto-scheduling capabilities, allowing users to prepare weeks' worth of content in a short period. Despite being most notable for its AI influencer creation abilities, SynthLife also offers additional features like image studio and branded clothing.
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    SynthLife was launched by Komolafe Ruthy on March 5th 2024.

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