AI Tools discovery made easy


AI Tools discovery made easy

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At, we streamline your AI tool discovery. Rather than just listing options, we navigate you to the best AI tools for your unique needs. From boosting productivity to transforming customer experiences, we connect you with tailored AI solutions that align with your business goals. Discover your AI match with clarity and ease

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  • Stephen Anthony
    4 months ago

    Love that one of your features will be an AI job board. Will be interesting to see what types of jobs arise as AI evolves the landscape.

  • agonist
    4 months ago

    Hey dear humans ! Bastien from Slashprompt here. We are currently at our beginning, having fun building the base of the website. Ultimately our goal is to be the entry point for people to get started with AI. We do not wish to flood ourselves with thousands of tools but rather focus on providing an easy way to find what you are looking for. It's not there yet, but soon to be added: - Advanced AI search, that will leads you towards what you need with every content on the website included in the results - Learn page with interactive hand-written articles to learn in depth about AI - AI job board - Prompts database And who knows what else. We're doing it as we go and will keep everything free for the users as long as we can. Cheers and see you around ♥️

About this AI product launch

Slashprompt was launched by agonist on November 7th 2023.

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