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Leverage AI and community to grow on LinkedIn

Leverage AI and community to grow on LinkedIn

Podify is a content and community platform dedicated to growing your LinkedIn and personal brand. For the content part; Podify analyzes thousands of top performing LinkedIn posts along with your tone of voice to maximize your contents’ outreach while keeping your authenticity. Within the context of outreach, Podify creates relevance scores between your content and audience profiles making sure that you are targeting the right people. If you don’t want to create content from scratch, then you will find hand-crafted, unique content aligning with your target audience, optimized for maximum outreach, refined with your tone of voice, in Podify’s content marketplace. By using this authenticity, audience targeting and outreach optimization features you can create posts from PDFs or even create brand new content by repurposing one of your past LinkedIn posts. Community features come into play at this moment. By classifying your content and target audience Podify places you in the most relevant micro-community where each member joins the discussion on LinkedIn by leaving genuine, high-value comments, much like we used to do in face-to-face meetings. This engagement not only multiplies your contents’ outreach, but acts as an ice-breaker for outsiders to engage with your content. You can further distribute your content directly into your ideal customer profile's inbox by using Podify's advanced newsletter feature, just like LinkedIn does.

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