Create attractive walkthrough guides for your products & customers!


Create attractive walkthrough guides for your products & customers!

SaaS often involved with flows that are hard to understand for a non-tech customer. This leads to unhappy customers, churn, and costs a ton. If not, it increases support tickets, customer service efforts at minimum. You need better resources, guides of your product which are easily consumable for your customers. These guides or resources can be a documentation, PDF, a video, etc. but the best one is easily understandable for your customers. MotionShot helps you make informative guides for multiple use cases such as guides about your product to your customers, tutorial guides for your new on-boards or employees, create product walkthrough for your sales demos etc. As a result you have happy customers and less churn, quick knowledge share with your employees or new on-boards, and better conversion for your sales. It takes less than 5 minutes to make guide on MotionShot.
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    MotionShot was launched by Mark Anthony Sabanal on March 5th 2024.

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