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First AI Business Consulting Platform


First AI Business Consulting Platform

The Macky platform overcomes some of the key hurdles preventing the mass adoption of AI in a business environment. No training is required for employees to begin taking advantage of the consulting platform. No knowledge is required on how to prompt the AI to get the right output or determine if the output is suitable. The hard work of determining which prompt to use or if the output is suitable has already been determined by the software's creator, Kinetic Consulting. Platform users are asked a maximum of 3 questions to generate the desired output. The creators of the Macky AI software have curated the types of everyday requirements of key departments in a business that would generate a suitable output from a generative AI solution. An example may be generating something as simple as a job description for a new employee or something more complex, such as creating a new business process or reengineering an existing one. These types of requests are often requested for consultants to perform. Macky aims to reduce the cost of everyday consulting needs for companies so they can empower their employees to complete these tasks without the need for costly consultants. Macky is powered by OpenAI’s technology ensuring fast and accurate responses for business users.

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    Macky was launched by James Macky on July 2nd 2024.

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