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Unlock Your Fridge's Potential
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Fridge Leftovers AI

Unlock Your Fridge's Potential

Say goodbye to uninspired meals! Fridge Leftovers AI empowers you to unlock the potential of your fridge's bounty. Simply snap a photo of your leftovers, and let our intelligent AI suggest mouthwatering recipes tailored to your ingredients. How it works: 1. Begin by taking a picture of your fridge's contents or use a picture from your gallery 2. Select the ingredients you want to use for your meal. 3. Explore a variety of recipes tailored to your chosen ingredients. 4. Follow step-by-step instructions to create delicious meals. The free version allows you to use the app to analyze 15 pictures, after that a subscription is needed. The premium subscription lets you analyze 5 pictures a day.
  • Fridge Leftovers AI
  • Fridge Leftovers AI
  • Fridge Leftovers AI

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    Fridge Leftovers AI was launched by Andreas Zettl on March 12th 2024.

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