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Data Processing & ETL infrastructure for Generative AI applications.

Context Data

Data Processing & ETL infrastructure for Generative AI applications.

For startups and enterprise companies that are building internal Generative AI solutions, Context Data automates the process and time to deploy data platforms from an average of 2 weeks to less than 10 minutes and at 1/10th of the cost. We achieve this by building an easy-to-use compute platform with no code connectors to multiple data sources, embedding models and vector database targets so companies can get their AI-ready data created with minimum setup. Additionally, developers can quickly do data transformations (e.g. joins, aggregations etc.) using SQL CTEs before writing to their target vector databases. Almost every startup and enterprise organization is considering leveraging Generative AI in some way, but one of their biggest challenges is building data connectors, pipelines and creating fully contextual data because of the time and specialized knowledge needed to build a fully functional data platform. Imagine being able to build and schedule a process that extracts data from your Salesforce account, combining that data with transaction records from your MySQL database and writing the final data to your Weaviate vector database. Context Data is able to create this end-to-end process in as little as 10 minutes without having to create expensive infrastructure and writing hours of complicated code

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    Context Data by Jude Ogunjobi will be launched on August 20th 2024.

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