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Combine 3D and AI to create stunning 2D images.
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Combine 3D and AI to create stunning 2D images.

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We at CGTrader are bringing to you, an app that combines 3D models with generative AI to produce unique 2D images. What sets it apart is that you can use 3D models to define the composition of your images as well as their main subject, and even use your own models (upcoming feature) to create visuals with them. Get unparalleled control over your creations and steer the design process with 3D to always get the exact image you imagine. No 3D experience needed - it’s designed for everyone to use easily and creatively. What are the key features of CGDream: 🗝️ 3D to image generation, a unique way to generate images with 3D models with only a few text prompts Numerous filters to choose from to give your images a distinct look and feel Our Dream function that uses AI to turn simple prompts into lively and exciting ones for even more stunning results Who is it built for? 🧑‍🎨 Artists: For creating beautiful AI art AI enthusiasts: For a more complete arsenal of artistic AI tools 3D visualizers: To rapidly create visualizations with their 3D models Architects & Interior designers: To visualize and alter their design concepts Product designers: To experiment with product variations, materials and settings Professionals across all creative industries: For a multitude of use cases specific to their creative needs Ready to get a first hand experience with the future of AI generated visuals? Visit now and get down to creating! ⚡

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    About this AI Tool launch was launched by Athanasios Kyratsakis on December 12th 2023.

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