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Learn & teach anything on demand. Create course websites in minutes.
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Auto Streamer

Learn & teach anything on demand. Create course websites in minutes.

Auto Streamer is a multi-purpose, generative AI platform that brings a revolution in the realm of education. With the capability to create and broadcast web-based courses in a plethora of languages, it stands at the forefront of educational innovation. Key Features: - Infinite course outlines and complete web courses ready with audio. - Versatile teaching for a range of topics from humanities to tech. - A linguistic playground with over 50 languages and a choice of 6 vocal tones. - Fully customizable course presentation, from headers and footers to web links. - Freedom to define your course length, from quick tutorials to in-depth classes. - Visually pleasing with dark and light mode for your website. - Control your content’s depth with a set word limit for each chapter. Benefits: - Craft and stream educational content tailored to your audience’s needs. - Break language barriers, making your courses accessible globally. - Personalize your teaching portal, reinforcing your brand with each course. - Flexibility to adjust course density, catering to varied learning appetites. - Aesthetic control of your course site, ensuring comfort for all users.
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  • Auto Streamer

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    Auto Streamer was launched by Memo Alci on April 30th 2024.

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