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Published Oct 27, 2023 ⦁ 9 min read

Is your AI product struggling to find users? We can help.

Introduction: The Struggle to Connect AI Innovations with Those Critical First Users

Launching a new AI-powered product can be thrilling for creators, but also fraught with challenges. Even the most ingenious AI solutions often stall right out of the gate, never moving beyond the initial concept stage. A shocking 60% of new AI products fail to get into the hands of real users in their first year.

This high failure rate largely boils down to one monumental hurdle: finding those critical first active users to test and validate new AI offerings. Without real users engaging with the product, it's nearly impossible to gain the feedback and usage data needed to refine the AI, achieve true product-market fit, and drive adoption.

This "first user" bottleneck is where AI Top Rank comes in. As a dedicated launchpad tailored specifically for AI products, AI Top Rank provides the platform, community, and support creators need to connect with targeted first users and accelerate real traction. For AI developers struggling to get their pioneering creations used by real-world users, AI Top Rank offers the methodology, amplification, and user access required to successfully launch AI products "out of the lab" and into the hands of the users that need them most.

Why So Many Promising AI Innovations Never Make it to Users

Transitioning an AI model or algorithm from concept to full-fledged product with paying customers is complex. Simply developing a high-quality AI model is not enough. To succeed, creators need immediate user feedback and engagement from the very start. However, many run into chronic challenges building those initial user connections:

  • The "first user paradox" - Outstanding AI products often stall immediately because developers have no clear path to engaging real users. But without a critical mass of engaged users, it's impossible to properly evaluate product experience and iterate.
  • The classic chicken-and-egg dilemma - Early user adoption is key, yet attracting first users is hugely difficult. Product-market fit requires user input, but getting users requires delivering value from the start.
  • No access to detailed user insights - User research can seem like shooting in the dark. Without early user access, creators lack data on real user needs, pain points, and motivations.
  • Promising innovations sitting on the shelf - Numerous case studies exist of brilliant AI innovations that sat gathering dust until creators finally connected with the right launchpad to match them with their perfect first users.

Why a Launchpad is Crucial for AI Product Success

A quality launchpad designed specifically for AI products fulfills the vital role of jumpstarting creator-user connections and usage right from the start. For AI developers, choosing the optimal launchpad solution can set their product up for a dramatically higher chance of success:

  • Launchpads offer a platform for AI creators to directly engage potential users within their target niche and gather crucial feedback.
  • Through continuous interactions and structured launch events, creators gain the engagement and data needed to iteratively improve the end-user experience.
  • Launchpads provide community, support, and structured frameworks tailored to each stage of readying an AI product for full commercialization.
  • By exponentially expanding an AI product's user reach, launchpads enable validation and traction that may never happen in isolation.
  • Case studies abound of stalled or struggling AI innovations that finally found their footing once plugged into the right launchpad ecosystem and connected to their ideal users.

The AI Top Rank Launchpad - Optimized for AI Innovations

As a specialized AI product launchpad, AI Top Rank offers the ideal solution for elevating budding AI inventions from concept to those vital first 100 engaged users...and far beyond. With proven frameworks optimized specifically for AI applications, coupled with hands-on support from in-house experts, AI Top Rank enables creators to rapidly tap into targeted users and accelerate real product-market fit.

The AI Top Rank Approach - Structured for AI Launch Success

AI Top Rank's structured methodology provides end-to-end support for giving AI products the validated traction they need:

  • Our dedicated LAMP team (Launch Assistance for AI Models & Products) offers personalized guidance, advice, and support from idea stage through full launch and beyond. We help refine everything from product positioning to technical optimization to maximize appeal to each product's target users.
  • Leveraging our proprietary Match IntelligenceTM technology, we identify and connect developers to the user segments with the highest potential to immediately resonate with and engage with their specific AI offering.
  • Our community of over 500 AI creators and advisors shares inspiration, insights, and support for elevating AI products to the next level.
  • AI Top Rank's multi-channel marketing resources and structured LAMP launch framework create the product visibility and user buzz essential for driving initial adoption.
  • Ongoing user input provides the feedback loop to continuously refine the AI product even after launch to maximize retention and growth.

AI Top Rank's structured LAMP process for optimized AI product launches

Real Success Stories Powered by AI Top Rank

Don't just take our word for it. Here are just two examples of AI innovations that found their perfect initial user-base through partnering with AI Top Rank:

  • Humanatic - Their conversational AI struggled to gain users until launching through AI Top Rank's platform. Our LAMP process helped refine their bot for the healthcare industry. In just 2 months they rocketed to over 5000 engaged users at hospitals and clinics.
  • Aisi - Their computer vision AI for analyzing manufacturing defects saw little interest until connecting with AI Top Rank. We matched them to quality control engineers who loved the solution. Aisi's tool is now used daily by over 750 engineers and projected to hit $5M revenue next year.

"AI Top Rank's structured process and access to our perfect first users was the key enabler to finally connecting our AI product with the users who need it most. Their platform propelled us through what is often the most challenging stage - catalyzing those initial user connections to gain the feedback to continuously improve." -- Aisi CEO

How to Prepare Your AI Product for a High Impact Launch

Ready to accelerate your AI product's trajectory to success? Here are tips for laying the groundwork for a stellar launch:

Laser Focus Your Target Users

Pinpointing the optimal initial user segments is critical. Be sure to:

  • Conduct market analysis to identify gaps where your AI product can provide unique value.
  • Research user personas through surveys, interviews, data analysis to reveal pain points your AI addresses.
  • Map detailed user profiles and segments whose needs most closely align with your product's capabilities.
  • Determine what characteristics make a user an innovator or early adopter more open to engaging with your offering.
  • Prioritize outreach to niches where your AI product delivers the maximum benefit.

Set Measurable Goals and Metrics

With your target users defined, establish clear objectives and metrics to track:

  • Set S.M.A.R.T. goals for number of active users, retention rate, referrals, etc. to hit in the first weeks and months post-launch.
  • Identify key usage metrics that signal target users find ongoing value in your AI product.
  • Establish thresholds for product-market fit based on target user input, engagement, and sentiment.
  • Continuously monitor goals from pre-launch outreach through post-launch, adapting as needed based on user feedback.
  • Be agile - refine goals as your understanding of product-market fit evolves based on user data.

Choose the Optimal Launchpad

With your AI product and goals defined, the next key step is choosing the right launchpad. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate multiple options based on:

  • Track record launching AI products similar to yours
  • Access to your ideal target users
  • Hands-on support and community specific to AI
  • Marketing resources to create launch buzz
  • Data and tools to garner and analyze user feedback

Take the guesswork out of connecting your pioneering AI to its perfect first users. See how AI Top Rank's LAMP Process can set your AI innovation up for success.

Other Launchpads to Consider

While designed specifically for AI, multiple launchpad options exist. Here are a few to consider:


  • Benefit: Large existing user base of app developers/users
  • Example: Chatbot for travel booking gained 20k users
  • Limitation: Broad focus beyond just AI products
  • Ideal for: Consumer-focused mobile apps/tools

The AI Consortium

  • Benefit: Access to advanced tech like compute resources
  • Example: AI writing tool gained initial researcher interest
  • Limitation: More research/academic focused
  • Ideal for: Cutting edge AI seeking peer review

Enterprise Launchpad

  • Benefit: Pre-vetted network of corporate partners
  • Example: Robotics startup secured Fortune 500 pilots
  • Limitation: More focused on later stage commercialization
  • Ideal for: Monetizable AI with proven market fit

Key Takeaways - Connecting Your AI to Those Crucial First Engaged Users

As outlined, launching an AI product is exceedingly difficult without access to first users. AI Top Rank offers the proven framework for catalyzing the user connections needed to refine and validate your AI solution. Our structured LAMP methodology paired with hands-on guidance enables creators to gain the feedback essential to delight users.

If your promising AI innovation could benefit from facilitated exposure to targeted, engaged users in your niche, partnering with AI Top Rank can help avoid the "first user" pitfalls that derail many AI products, setting you on the fast track to success.

LEARN MORE about how AI Top Rank's LAMP Process can accelerate your AI product to those crucial first users.