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Tarana Murtuzova

Tarana Murtuzova

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AI Tool Launches

  • Image Anonymization API

    Image Anonymization API

    Anonymize images in seconds for privacy and compliance

    FreemiumStartup ToolsImage To Image
  • Background Removal API

    Background Removal API

    Cloud-based API for seamless background removal from images

    FreemiumE CommerceImage Editing
  • NSFW Recognition API

    NSFW Recognition API

    Automatic cloud image moderation API with instant response

    FreemiumStartup ToolsImage To Image
  • Object Detection API

    Object Detection API

    High-performance Object Detection Cloud API

    FreemiumResearchImage To Image
  • Fashion API

    Fashion API

    Solution for recognizing clothes and accessories in images

    FreemiumMarketingE Commerce
  • Car Background Removal API

    Car Background Removal API

    Remove Background API for Car images: Enhance your automotive sales with our industry-specific tool

    FreemiumMarketingImage To Image
  •  Face Analysis API

    Face Analysis API

    Face and facial landmark detection, face comparison

    FreemiumResearchImage To Image
  • Furniture & Household Item Recognition

    Furniture & Household Item Recognition

    Identify items for digital asset and inventory management

    FreemiumStartup ToolsAI Detection


    Transform Images into Data with Our High-Accuracy OCR API

    FreemiumStartup ToolsAI Detection
  • Brand Recognition API

    Brand Recognition API

    Cloud API supporting thousands of brand marks and logos

  • Wine Label Recognition API

    Wine Label Recognition API

    Extensive solution for wine label recognition

    FreemiumStartup ToolsAI Detection

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