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Omer Farooq Khan

Omer Farooq Khan

Diamond Collection: 23 šŸ’Ž

AI Tool Launches

  • Structured Prompt Architect - GPT

    Structured Prompt Architect - GPT

    Shape the Future of AI: Precision-Engineered with Every Prompt!

    FreePrompt GeneratorsCode Assistant
  • YT SEO Optimizer - GPT

    YT SEO Optimizer - GPT

    Boost Your Views Sky-High! šŸš€ YT SEO Optimizer - GPT: Unleash AI Power for Irresistible YouTube Titles, Descriptions, Tags, and Thumbnails. Click Your Way to Success with Smart SEO and JSON Magic! šŸ’„ Millions Await!

  • LinuxGPT


    LinuxGPT: Simplify Your Linux, Amplify Your Possibilities! šŸš€šŸ§

    FreePersonal Assistant

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